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navigate away from pain and suffering

Navigate away from pain and suffering to a horizon of freedom and possibilities.  Learn to enjoy love, work and play.

restore balance & growth

Develop strength and resilience. Mitigate trauma to restore balance and growth. Create meaningful lasting changes.

create loving relationships

Become the person you love and respect for lasting and nurturing relationships.

life challenges

ruth's approach



I offer a safe and challenging environment to help you:


  • Resolve relational conflicts of love, erotic life, sexuality, power and helplessness.
  • Overcome fear and trauma
  • Build strength and resilience
  • Free yourself from obsessions and inhibitions
  • Unlock self-destructive patterns
Research indicates that stress has an adverse impact on physical and psychological life, and that psychotherapy can help in learning to become more effective and creative in pursuit of goals and desires. The longer we repeat ineffective behaviors (including the patterns of thinking and feeling that produce them) the more engraved they become as a kind of automatic, inflexible network of triggered reactions, and the harder it is to change them.

In a culture enamored with quick fixes, mindless “happiness” and an obsession with spectacular success: Psychotherapy can help one learn to live authentically and meaningfully. To help you become stronger and create deep,desired meaningful changes in your life, I offer a proven,caring, stimulating experiential approach.