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“Stressful stuff happens all the time. But it will be how well the Mind-Body-Matrix is able to process and integrate its impact—psychologically, physiologically, and energetically— that will make of it either a growth-disrupting event or a growth promoting opportunity.”

– Dr Martha Stark

The Work of Psychotherapy

Our past experiences form how we see the present.
We develop ways of thinking and acting to cope with life.

We experience the world through individual filters,
which are like an acquired software, installed neurologically throughout our lives. (When cognitive scientists talk about software in the brain, they refer to patterns of neurons connected to perform various tasks.) In therapy we track the dysfunctional patterns to their core.

Negative neurologic cortical controls, which create defenses against feelings, can be relaxed in the safety of a therapeutic relationship. The therapist’s supportive and stimulating presence makes it safe to fully express repressed anger and feel one’s fear, sadness, and pain. This is the foundation for therapeutic growth as the natural healing steps are now allowed.

The brain’s innate healing dynamics is emerging to integrate feelings with meaning. In the therapeutic relational matrix new ways of being and relating (new ‘relational psychic software’) are tried out, experienced and eventually adopted to transform one’s life. The learning experience is intense and can vary in duration depending upon the particular circumstances.


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

– David Kruger. MD

You can learn to overcome:

  • Anxiety that keeps you from making important decisions
  • Depression and fears that keep you awake at night
  • Relationship problems that leave you feeling alone
  • Self esteem issues that cause you to obsess about what others think about you

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